Freeway Mini Self Storage – Facilities Sizes and Types

Storage Facilities Sizes and Types

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5’x5′ – 25 sq. ft. Hall Closet Chest of drawers, office supplies, records, files, and small furniture items.
5’x10′ – 50 sq. ft. Walk-In Closet Small mattress set, dining room set, chest of drawers, boxes, desks, lawn mower.
10’x 10′ – 100 sq. ft. Average Size Bedroom Kitchen appliances, washer/dryer, patio furniture, some housefurniture and many boxes. Suitable for a two-bedroom apartment.
10′ x 20′ – 200 sq. ft One car garage Allappliances, patio furniture, many boxes and extras or a car, truck or small boat. Suitable for a three-bedroom house.
10′ x 25′ – 250 sq. ft. Large one car garage Allappliances, patio furniture, garage extras and miscellaneous items plus a vehicle or small boat. Suitable for a four-bedroom house.
10′ x 30′ – 300 sq. ft. Extra large garage Allappliances, patio & household furniture, vehicle, boat, motorcycle, bicycles, garage extras plus some boxes.